{May 24,2012  - 1}

The Speed Spirit, Azami is childhood friends with the Wind Spirit, Saren

{May 24,2012  - 4}

Saren, the Wind Spirit, the older brother of Nenshou. A new and young general.

Nenshou, the Fire Spirit, the younger brother of Saren. Now the student of Poe.

Poe, the Wrath Spirit, the war lord of ancient times. Hates Saren and thinks people like him are the devil.

Poe, Saren, and Nenshou all belong to Hamat who gave me permission to use them.

{Mar 15,2012  - 1}
  1. Galazio and Tokiwa, never should exist together
  2. Nenshou, before he was a dino
  3. Saren, big bro to said dino
  4. Azami
  5. Saren again
  6. Edge
  7. Izanami
  8. Sedna