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Tonight’s theme was my calling. I LOVE SHOUJO!!

Commissions open!!

Posted on Sep 25— 5 days ago
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painted a ruler

Posted on Sep 21— 1 week ago

I like how F!Robin’s face came out.

Commissions are still open!

Posted on Sep 21— 1 week ago
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I really like Yuu, I hope he and Magnolia become a thing. Maybe. Hints. I don’t even know, they are cute.

Posted on Sep 20— 1 week ago

I had the game for ages but now I’m slowly going to beat it. I also been watching Bravely Second livestreams on dengeki and nicovideo so I’m really hyped up!

Posted on Sep 20— 1 week ago
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Self-explanatory. I felt awkward coloring it but it came out well.

For those interested, I have opened up commissions so please check it out or signal boost me!

Posted on Sep 17— 1 week ago

Hello everyone, I decided to open up commissions! School is starting up again, and it’s not like I don’t have money to support myself for my classes but my job simply isn’t’ giving me enough hours to get that extra money I need, plus I’m trying to get a car as well to help me get around stuff like work and my college campus.

For more details, please look at my commission page here.

Posted on Sep 17— 1 week ago
Anonymous ;  
I'm starting to like Ace x Alice and it's your fault

Anon, this is a start of a beautiful life known as Ace X Alice, but at the same time.

Welcome to hell. Please enjoy your Ace X Alice torture with the utmost care and dedication.

Because I rp as Gil and my friend rp Ramses and we’re both stuck in a place called Idol Hell. There is no other explanation I can offer you.

Posted on Aug 22— 1 month ago

Tonight’s theme on FE69 Mins was memes and this was literally the first thing that came to my mind. No regrets. I am proud of this.

Posted on Aug 21— 1 month ago

My kawaii units at the beach.

Posted on Aug 13— 1 month ago
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may we meet in a better life

I posted on twitter, I might as well post on here. I COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL.

Posted on Aug 06— 1 month ago
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welcome to the sea of death

Why is it that I draw the Trash when I want to draw Wadanohara stuff? It’s a curse. I hate Sal. Stop making me draw you.

Shady is too beautiful for my art hand.

Princess Shady for everybody as I just finished his Ken endings and now moving onto his Kimi.