{Aug 22,2014  - 6}

Because I rp as Gil and my friend rp Ramses and we’re both stuck in a place called Idol Hell. There is no other explanation I can offer you.

{Aug 21,2014  - 32}

Tonight’s theme on FE69 Mins was memes and this was literally the first thing that came to my mind. No regrets. I am proud of this.

{Aug 13,2014  - 4}

My kawaii units at the beach.

{Aug 7,2014  - 9}

may we meet in a better life

{Aug 6,2014  - 111}

I posted on twitter, I might as well post on here. I COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL.

{Jul 31,2014  - 17}

welcome to the sea of death

Why is it that I draw the Trash when I want to draw Wadanohara stuff? It’s a curse. I hate Sal. Stop making me draw you.

{Jul 31,2014  - 1}

Shady is too beautiful for my art hand.

Princess Shady for everybody as I just finished his Ken endings and now moving onto his Kimi.

{Jul 30,2014  - 4}

red spider lilies would bloom along the path

{Jul 27,2014  - 2}



Please accept this horrible doodle of your characters watching something burn horribly together. I didn’t see you all day so, YOU BETTER CHECK YOUR TAG OR SOMETHING TO SEE MY LOVE. /SLAPS YOU

tagged #rebornvillainy
{Jul 25,2014  - 12}

My otome hermits with long ass hair and deep manly voices that addresses themselves as “watashi”.

{Jul 21,2014  - 30}

I been meaning to draw this since I got to the scene in Wonderful Twin World.

{Jul 21,2014  - 19}

I was trying to test something out but it ended up taking too much of my time.

{Jul 18,2014  - 5}


Happy Birthday, Arch!! I’m sorry I didn’t put much effort into it, I might paint it when I have time, so take this for now. ; 3 ; as a sign of my hat— Love. I hope you have a good day and that your figure would come into the mail quickly!!

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{Jul 15,2014  - 15}

Chrom holds a deathly grudge for various reasons.

{Jul 14,2014  - 164}

Your time to shine is not here in Smash.